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Canadian will decide the fate of the Pacific North west's maine ecosystem that will affect it for thousands of years, as oil supplies are depleted in the future and new energy replaces oil the need to extract food nd resources from the pacific ovean will last thousands of years more if the Canadian governmnet cn garentee thjrt over the next thousand years no onbe spills bitcheman off shore and distroyes the marine food nd recreation resource thrt ios the back bopne of BC salmon and grisly land and ocean biosphere for first nations to use and B.C voters as tbneyh thbink up issued tpo champion in future 2d tv elecyion debates, for the medias that gag www.3DTVInnovation.com apps for jobs in Virtual reality technologies here in BC for the last 19 years using the same 2d tv methodolagy they now use to gag 100% of 19 years of Vancouver busiens in 3DCanadianTV.com and web provacy. If they Can gag 100% of every Vancouver3DTV.com then they can hide the truth about anything ans so the distrust is a reality,
There is an ocean full of garbage floating around 3 times larget than france and no one is cleaning uit up, all the promieces and recycle taxes and effortas to prevent polution have failed along woth efforts to clean it up and ut lloks like the effort is missinbg to see that we are convinced thie will not happen s promisws are fake when politicians pick and choose which one to keep so as tgo get elected, B.C would love to build 2. 3 4 pipelines for oil but untill we can garentt the ocean is free of oik spills and pushy politicians election agendas and `are no danger for the next 10 thousand years, as we accept the technology and this is what BC voters see happenoing is the is an oil spill , and no quick responce and theyh fear an oil spill is scriptedso as to have 2d tv content about cleaning up butchnam spills as an issue for the some futrue election debare instead , no protection is the issue not building a pipeline .
The Primier of British Coulmbia would be fired in second if he lacadazicaly allowed the pacific ocean to be used by ppushy [ushy politicians promises thatfopr some reason they have to keep so as to prpotect Canadian constitutions.
Everyone in Canada is watching as the fate of the ocean forthe next 10 thousand yearsa rests ithe ability top clen up a bitcheman oil spill so as ot doen not distroy Candian's heratage.
B.C primier has already one regardless of the decision British Columbians will always see him as their history;s CHAMPION forever.
The legasy of the marine life in BC will be thet fo thousands of years fter thw oil is gone . this is ht eissue most nopn voptgertrs andoposition party ( the majority of Canadians) are watchong what is the grater value diserves the gratest attention , BOW nopt 1000 years for now and because yhe government gges and hides 100- of the 3DTVStarps.com in new technology and supports oil sgipments without a demnstration of the cleanup radyness if ther is a spill si creating a division on the NDP on 2d tv news that aso gagged tghe future of www.3DWorkdWidwTV.com net org soa thatgit can pull a shannagin whne it needs to in 2d on 2dtv over 2d and during 2d tv electuonm debales and ignbore the needs pof the next 19 thousand years sop as to get elected orfulfull aan e;ection promise or 2 sdo as to ook good politicaly and BC needs to bw garewbteed tht their marine biology will last for r 10000 more years as we have no choice.www.TabardTV.cm Tm 2:45 PM 2018-04-13

Canadian Bill m-168 is a 2 dimentional act lacking 3Dwecastingnetwork.com, net nutrality.

www.3DFaces.com Tm 2000 Cabel tv and telco TV rebroadcasters are profileing Canadian startups and filtering out all the 3DTVCHannel.com bnet orgs launched in BC and that is how come after 19 years there is no way to use 1/all the crtc tv medias to launch 1/3000 3dtvchannels.com in Canada.
Protected by a 2d uhf vhf tv press=politics=chat=search they collerc data dissimiate it ither some times without even knowing their siftware is dissiminating it as they search-chat-politic-report and then they distroy it thinking theu are protecting provacy and when the victom reacjes forhecus-corpus theyare filterd amnd so18 years100plus www.3DTVHobs.comfor 200 plus new3dtvchannels.com are missing from all the uihf vhf 2d tv documentary-joujrnal-social-political-business tv archives as if a closed power filtere 3000 icann www.3DTV ip adresses so as toprevent somthing thaty the 2d tv will never disccuss and a few www.3DTVSorts.com and virtual3DTV.net startujpsandthis is in evweey venue , from fashion to music sports travel arts movies and all this because profiling and the collection or peoples is dissimionated through hundreds opf fporien and empowered ip adresses groups A.I software that profiles too and parousal, and disposal of private data by the collector becomes irreleventg now that the data was dissimnated the vicrom un 3 dimemtional profiled in apps prrofiles that flag you as a 3DTVCHAnnelAmerica.com launchiung and of interest/, so this allows 2d tvto gag you fopr `199 years politicaly or chatingly or searching for news, as artificial and hands on discrimination and abuse like you were in Vancouver from 2000-2018 reting to launch a 3dtvtoons.com for ads oranyhting 3dtvcars.com ,.and trying to launch a www.3DSportschannel.com and your id was profiled nd blockled so as to hide the entirwaabusive thing for19 years form politicians-searches-newses-chats because thew 3DPresident.com of the 3dtelevisionNetwork.com got gaged by some fluke of the world for 18 years and no data was copllected or disimnated or profileing took place by accident, is ab UNNatural busiens state here in Canada this one time or i am-was=profiled-filterd inn all human venues in 2d for no reasons. still unprofiled and voteing free of profileing issues constitutionaly able to work and make a living free of discrimination by any grouip religion search-chat-politics-news A.I profileing from 2000- 2018 and if this were true and or possible then the crown would need an example of this happening . so if you ping www.3DRealityTV.com or www.3DTVCHAnnel.com you resolve butwww.3DTelevisionnetwork.ca times out same smae smae as in 2000, 2001 2002, ... or on search-chat-news-politics 2d tv uhf vhf archives and this would ilinate a possible career in politics. www.NetNutralTV.com
The biggest threat to democracy and the free market is the government supervised tv broadcasting licenced medias that are profileing business and blocking new3dtvchannels.com and 3dtvjobs.ciom and all the virtual3dtv.com net org startuos in BC as 2d closed uhf vhf tv monoplies that are still profileing and blocking all the 19 year old www.3dtvpress.com startups in www.3DREalityTV.com and even www.The3DCHannel.com TM 2000, and all the years of 3D tv like they were a social net porofileing you or me today and selling the info to political parties the2d uhf vhf tv in 2000,2001,2002,2003 2004 2005 filterd hundreds and hundreds of social nets started up for 3D streaming vidio tv and created their own 2d chat-search-news-politics plarform so as ot collect data on you and meand stop competition by www.New3DTVCHannels.com same as a soccial network profiles you and sells you stuff your cookie data sats you searched for.
The entire 2d crtc filter the news weather sports travel realestate and entertainment web startups that are 3D or virtual reality out of thier news medias and when a 3dtvsports.com is stolen theywill not report it when a 3dtvchannel.com is ghacked they will not report it 3000 3dtvchannels shut of and they will not report it becauyse they re gagging 3dtvstartups.com net org so as to have a2d tv cartel fun a 2d politics-chat-search-news closed election and portal for gagging people sn things they do not gace in their agendas, we have to make 3DTVCHAnnels.com net org part of their agenda same as social net apps that profile you and me today were made popular by 2d tv news medias that use them to dissiminate news and now with the profile disiminated to all government department , the hackers need not apply, because the disiminated profile is now ouit ther democraticaly dispersed collected free of charge by the recipients and so this allows the uhf vhf to stiffel 100% of every www.3DTVCHannel.com launched for www.3DTVJobs.com in Canada for 19 yuears and never be mentioned by 1 www. public news-chat-search-politics public medias reporting cyber crime and ip profileing amd that would be hard to find unless it was a guy in Vancouver who started 100 3dtvchannelsa years for 19 years and was hacked and gaged by 100% fothe crtc uhf vhf news-chat-search-politic platforms and got his constitutions stuck in profileing loop.
In the first 10 years of 2000 all i did was get blocked and shut off and gaged and denioed a stable ip adress by the very 2d tv platforms andall the Canadian uhf vhf newses that are still pretending they are netnutral and pretend to champion you and me against socail net bullies when they are one themselves, as they only support apps like facebook,
Nack in 2004 the 2d tv declared ther was no such thing as the 3d tv channel and htnethey saaid 3d tv is dead while they pushed red and blue glasses they gaged 3d virtual realityu startuos for 3dsmarttv.com glasses and wheni launched www.3DVirtualTV.com and www.Virtual3DTV.com so as to brands the two diffwrent apps and virtical markets so that everyone knew what 3dvirtualtv.com and virtual3dtv.com was and the differance between thetwo technologies the 2d socil nbet and theor apps redifined the 2 different trade market prooducts and diluted thwir differnce so that today they the 2d socil nert telle you what the defineition is of 3drealitytv , the 2d tv define real3dtv nd 3drealtv they define thedifferance between virtual3dtv and 3dvirtualtv they define the differance between hd3dtvchannel and 3dhdtvchannel they tweek the entire population like they were a facebook app and as i said in the 2000 the world 's biggest problemis fake news that can act like a face book app and tweek elections and news chat and politics on their closed 2d social net that is supported by a closed 2d tv cartel that gages 100% of 3DTVPolitics.com startups because they can.
www.3DSmrtTV.com is a word thatg is not in any dictionary nd is a compound of venacular that i creted with a net com and org suffix so that I get to define www.3DSmartTV.comand i gdet ot watch 100% of the crtc gag ab dstiffel my 3drealitytv.com startup nd i get to report tothe world that i found the biggest obstical to the intwrnwt streaming tv media startup industry and it is the uhf vhf 2d cartels that gag abd stiffel 100% of 19 years of every Canadian 3D tv brnd i lainched andthey gag me from repirting it too and all this because htye get to collect data and iuse it for theor own provate profuileing and to prevent www.Canadian3DTV.com and www.3DTelevisionCHannel.com nd 3DWirelessTV.com nd all the 3dtvstartups.com net org in 19 years here in Cababda and thos make facebook look like the tip of the iceberg s the 2d tv nowhold a 2d tv trial of Mark Zuckerderg they are themselves tweeking the entire wold in 2d on2d so as to have 2d and be tger to gag 100% of www.3DCounty.com tv shows and stock offerings for hundreds and decads iof startups for 3DTVCAnada.com www.3DTVJobs.com and face book can not do that..
www.3DTVToronto.com , www.3DTVVAncouver.com www.3DTVMontreal.com www.3DTVCalgaryt.com www.3DTVwinnepeg.com www.3DTVSTJohns.com ... these are all great stock market investments for www.3DTVCAnad.com but in a 2d tv social net that blocks 100% of www.3DSportsCHannel.com 3DNewsCHannel.com 3DTrvwlCHannel.com and hyndreds of new www.3DTVApps.com for REal3DTV.com net orgs gaged by the 2d crtc tv app itself called broadcasting this is a problem that is not only beeing ignored it is still launching 2d closed chat-politics-news-search results and tweeking the entire markets with fake news soas to have no www.3DTVBrands.com net org selling ads for politics and realestate and travel news and sports , the worlds biggest problem was and stil is as i said in 2002 fake news, i even did a 6 year thesus on it anf it was gaged by the 2d news medias that are making facebook look like a pin dropping in thier heystack.
. www.3DPresident.com of www.3DTelevisionNetwork.com TM

British Columbia has an emergency that needs A 3 Dimentional solution a global support from the United Nations at least.
B.C. will have to do it ourselves alone , we will have to figure out how to clean up a bitcheman oil spill in the pacific ocean because Qlberta and Ottawa cican not and will not demonstrte how they do it and B.C. has no means of doing it so the world is at the mercy of politicioans who couuld not and will not show us how to do it so some other souintry or the isa or some one must tell us how to do it because Oyyawa is blocking B.C. from finging out and Alberta is thinking up ways to sanction and extort the process so that no one ever did or intended to demonstragte how Ottawa aproves or regulates aor oversees a bitcheman oil spill in Vancouve's Burrard inlet or of the pacific north west coast to dte they only care bout the pipline beeing fuinished andshipping 7 yimes as much off shore without every answering the globla question of how do we, N.C clean up a spill of Ottawa will not do it or show us and Alberta will not do it and show us amd all theyu cae about iofd the pipline and we alreadyaproved the pipes and are waiting to see rthe clean up process and see it it meats UBC standards as noexperiment has even been done on how different clenups preform and no one in Ottawa will show our promier hpw top do it we will have tyop ask the world to help us here in B.C as we are under siege and they are pjanninf retaliations not solutions to the problem , how to clean up a spill. in the inlett is tghe issue not building pipelines , the 2d tv will have you belive pipeline protesters is the issue but the world knows B.C will be stuck doing it if Ottawa is about to drop the ball and BC has no idea and is still sking while the 2d tv make it into a pipeline protest a fight as they pit the farthest right withthe farthest lefy and then hold it right there for a commercial break or have tp go now solutions, so as to have you tune in and watch politicians flock to the left and then back to the right in 2d on2d rc tgat blocks 3dtvpiplinrnd.com and small www.3DTVBusiness.com integration and www.netnutraltv.com startups withthe entire press and socil net 3d tv used to start political fights . www.3DTVPipelines.com (www.3DCounty.com/news, blocked by 2d crtc uhf vhf pipelines for 19 years) . 12:58 PM 2018-04-11 If the federal government were interested in collecting taxes from small business hightech compnaies trying tostartup hundreds of www.3DTVCHAnnel.com startups for 3DVirtualTV.com apps then whay are supportinbg 2d tv cartels that are stiffeleing it. theyhave to act now and stop the 2d uhf vhf medias from stiffeleing 3dtelevisionCanada.ca netorg com and hundreds o0f 3d new medias or whyt are they collecting taxes from the web startuips andonly supporting 2d tv ? www.3DBusinessTV.com

www.3DTVPipelines.com (created to report the blocking of 3DTVBrands.com and ne3DTVCHannels.com by uhf vhf , without reporting in in their own news and thats profileing by the uhf vhf newses socil nets proving that , politics, social nets and religions do not mix.)
Cleanup readyness?
The Alberta governmnet and Ottawa politicins are meating without BC, planning to force BC to export 7 times as much bitcheman oil via tanker through the Pacific north west marine ecology without ever demonstrating how they would clean up a disasterious oil spill in the ocean and this is now an international threat that needs to be addressed but the 2 parties pushing for imediate acess are not interested in cleanup proceedues and readyness, with Valdeez oil being the easest to clean up and we are still deaking with it and no one ships bitcheman to Canada and maney single hull tankers now enter Canadian waters and BC whant to talk cleanup , proving to the world that they can clean up a bitchman spill and no one ships it but Canada we have to be accountable, spill instead they are planning sanctions to harm our economy if we do not conseed to the building of a pipeline we already conceeded to build after we are show and after the world is show how Ottawa and Alberta plan thier cleanup readyness . Other countries are responsablle for oil shipped into Canadian ports and we would be responcable for oil shipped out, some 2d tv protesters say it is about global warming and should we drill for oil, some say the issue is about ownership of oil and other 2d tv say it is about lad rights but the liability is on all Canadians and Pacific west coast marine life is the issue they arenot represented at all and when we ask for a demonstration of the clean up processes they [plann the entire 2d tv go off on theor favorite issues andnone of them talk about the inabulity of Alberta or Ottawa to show the majority of B.C voters who are infavour of twinning the pipes nd worried about off shore polution and the ownes on BC to clean it up because Ottawa is in with the 2d tv so as top get re-elected in 2d in 2d on 3d election debate tv scriptyed byu shannagins like this, again for the 4th time, in a row. (www.plebisciteCanda.com social net was gaggedon 3DCA.com in 2000) since Y2K.
If you country can demonstrate how to clean up thisthype of oul spill please report to the BC dovernment and arange a demo because there is no effort beeing make by Ottawa roadress these issues and the woprlds ocens could fall foul because of their lack of insite and care.
We need actiopn now as the government here behind tghe puish to ship without a catchall are in motion nd htge ris no way to atop then constitutionaly here so it is up to the owlrd to step in and help a province left out unbthe cold by their politicing as they use this to get re-elected and force oil shippments inot the oceans without a backup and they are planning to fo thias s soon as possible before BC can do anyhtng to prevent a global oikl spill catastrophy, so please demonstrate for us h[w amd what we can do in light of our inability to get help from Ottawa or alberta and our inability to buy the pipeline outright and test an oil spill and test methods and pick the best one with them we hacve to do it now, alone and without Ottawa;s help it seams. .
www.3DOilTV.com B.C. www.3dTVPipelines.com 10:09 AM 2018-04-11

Digital currency , Crypto currencies, Mega shoppimg sites or your Bank?
DO you trust you money with social net websites , globaly huge shopping portals now launching banking or cripto currency startup banks and stores.
Now that social nets are so big they span the globe the questions arises, are you going to see banks launch shopping stores as social nets go after banking and crypto currencies whant it all online on top the same busienses shopping, banking and social networking your country now offers and who will be secret at keeping your money , your ID and curriencie balance and investment transactions safe?
www.3DTVBank.com TM 2010 www.3DCounty.com1:45 PM 2018-04-09

www.3DTVPipeline.com Tm 2018
The Federal governmne has to act in the National interest of www.Canadian3DTVcom
The Federal government has to act in the National interest and get together with the www.3DWorldWideWebTV.com net org industry gagged 19 years here by 2d tv interests and 2d tv politicians interests, and allow the flow of the world of www.Virtual3DTV.com www.3DTVStartups.com net org that are blocked by Ottawa's crtc cable nd telco current news medias and current 2d tv politicians, for 19 years as the 2d crtc and Alberta news medias get behimnd a 2d tv OIl politics and all broadcaster carriers companies plan to force 7 times more oil through our marine environment without ever demonstrating thier plan to clean up a bitvheman oil spill demonstrated as of yet wji;e stiffeleing 100% of Canadians3dtv.com startups here for 19 years on Cable tvv platforms that are forcing 7 times as much 2D digital tv they are gagging the www.3DCableTV.com industry here and this is affecting 100% of Canadians as they gag and stiffel. and block the export of 100% of Canadian3dtelevision.com startups with protests ment to re-elect Alberta politicians and they ignore BC Citisens wish to BUY KINDERMOGAN pipelines OUTRIGHT they do it in 2d on2dtv and cable with 23dtvpoliticians=chat-search-news platforms set up[ tp prevent www.3DTVJobs.com here nd across Canada ib aaan assault on CAnadian businesses on www.3DCopyRightTV.com www.3DTVBUsiness.com and the entire www.3DTFVPOLITICS.com in Ottawa 's agenda as cable news medias are blocking B.C www.3DTVCHAnnels,com and using 2d crtc cartels to tweek the stock markets and have inside trading in the news rooms before they anounce it to the public they are gagging 100% not 00% ot 98% but 100% and that is uncknstitutional.
. All the Cable tv channels and web news medias web search-chat-politics-news content is fed down the "pipe" cable and telco pipes goes through a choke at the bo4rder and if yupu type goodle or netflix tou get google.ca if your in Canad or google.ru iof you8r imn russia thatway advertisoirs can target you with douighnuts or borsh adds and when you look for 3fmovies on netflix in Cananda they are blocked as we are targeted by netflix. google andother mega advertisors profileing irtias clear thatgin 2000 we launched 367 new 3dtvchannels and told the preses and were filtered nd in 2001 we launched another 100 and toldthe presses and they were filtered ndin 20002, we launched anothwr 100and in 2003 and 2004 we launched mroe than 200 and in 2010we had launched over 1000 new3dtvchannels.com net org and still the 2d uhf vhf crtc blockl 3dtvsports.com and 3dtvtravel.com and the news refuses to report 2d tv monoplues gagging the Vandian intenret startuip industries and mkin git impiossible top acess democracy and worl amd ,ake a lioviong freepof discrimination byh a 2d crtc pipeline here on our western internet plarform providers intranet we are profiled nd filterd by the 2d politics-cgat-search-news closed pipeline as 19 years later nd over 2000 3dtvstartups.com for everthing in Canadian Business is profiled filterd and 19 years later 3DTVChahda.com is ghaged by fake newses, gagged an dfilterd by all the crtc licenced news amd medias it si obvious that they are protesting 19 years in a row and protesting against the launch of 3000 3DTVCHannels.com on their ovr the air crtc liceced public andprovate medias that are beeing used to profile and filter Democracy, profileing by their platforms thjat pipe you through their advertising agendas and political search-chat-news monopolies as your geographic adress is piped through toit's ican adresses alowing the provider a "pipe" filtering out copywrite content so that Netflix uis can feature 3DMovies on thier web dite menue and block Candins from 3DTVBusiness.com and that is a national threat to busineses in www.3DwirelessTV.com startuos and all 3000 www.3DCopyRightTV.com startuips launched ina 2d tv closwed pjatform so current 3d copyright adresses adn startups and your Canadin 199 year old 3DTVSports.com is replaced by the search-chat-news-politics content as per your profile and all the 18 years of reporting to the preses that 1000 new 3DTVCHannels.com were launched each year is gaged and filterd, as s search online for 3d movies can get results tha tfeature 3d movies on netflix ion the usa and none hwere in Vancouver on 1/3000 18 year old 3dtvchannels the 2d crtc tv are "PROTESTING", . but Canadians do not have free trade Nafta lets cbels block USAmedias, in digital Copyright with the usa we have "protesting crtc medias with issues" and as ( if they do not see this they they have a majour problem and should not be allowed to broadcast in a democracy) 00% of the crtc 2d uhf vhf news medias filter out 100% of the Canadian3DTV.com startups in Vancouver high tech newsfor 19 years they also see to it no one get top log into netflix usa andsee a 3dmovie there too. This is unconstitutionasland it is cayastrophikc to the Canadian 3d television industry for 19 yhears it is cheap and sneekyand the very shannagin i complain about daily, weekli monthly yearly and every time they call their startuos "social nets" when they are 2d fur pillar politics-chat-news-search cylows that can't find www.3DCookies.com 2000 web pages but they can find 3Dmovie on usa netflix ads and filter Canadians search-cghat-news-politics so thaty ther is no way to use the crtc to launch a few dozen www.3DSportsCHannel.com nbet orgs for www.virtua3DTV.com busienss in www.3DTVCopyRight.comon both sides of theborder and thats an international hinderance to the entire 3drealitytv.com industry in Vancouver as we cannot even connect with politicians for 3dtvpolitics.com debate in 3D for the last 4 2d tv elections so this means Ottawa has to swing the pendulam away from 2d closed news medias platforms and social nets and in favour of new pipelines for 3DBusinessTV.com and ca startups , free from protests and pipe fitering of copyright so that Canadians gabe a chance to launch socil nets and get acess to politicians and emocracy too, Qttawa has to move closer to 3DTVPolitics.com and 3DSmartTV.net apps for new vr news weather nd sports and election contnetn they have todo somthing about crtc 2d tv protesting , and filtering the pipe contyent in thier favour and filtering 19 years of 3DCA.com www.3DTVCAnada.com startups investments and acess tot he stock for ovfferings they now block adress this iddue of 2d uhf vhf filtering busines in a secrative way so as to prevent www.3DTVPiplines.com and www.3DTVStartups.com and www.3DWorldWideWebTV.com 3d tv busienss .
The endless talk of creating an ideal platform for politicians to tweek the public and issues is fine but some times it is important to use politicioand to tseek the issues now so as to help the technologie startups who are falling through the cracks now and for years whuile the 2d platforms socil nets tweek the democracy and it's busineses and heratage.
Unconstitutional, 2d social nets, selling of your id profileing, and preventing profile free startups like Canadian3DTV.com net org nad www.3DTVSTartups.com and blocking, choaking off , culd de-sacking and musical ikp dresses shannagins for years, the entire new channel crtc licences all stiffleing each and every 3dtvpin.com on the 3Dwww/net and the 19 year preventtion of reporting a blick in the Canadian internet pipeline of the the national 3DTVPipeline.com net org startups for 19 years and it is time for the Federal Government to step in and force the 2d uhf vhf crtc newses and medias to swing the pendulam in some one elses favour for a change to report themselves as unable to resist gagging of 3DCATV.com startujps for yhears, and get on with it, to admikti to 19 yhears of Vancouver 3dvtv.com www.3DTVPipeline.com prevention of www.3DworldWideWebTV.com, (uinconstitutionalinterfearance and eeiborate shanngins) so as to gag all Vancouver 2000-2018 www.3DVirtualTV.com www.3DSportsCHannel.com and www.3DTVBusiness.com startups in Vancouver by 100% of the 18 years of 2D tv preventing the news of Canadian 3d tv startups from integrating in elections travel news sports fashion and music and for 19 years the ability to "launderise all politics tv ads and election debates through their 2d only social nets and new wireless phone channels only, " shopping in 3D for realestate or movies as they do on netflix with 3DMovies having a pipeline opn all american ip adresses and 100% of Canadian 3DMovies on netflix blocked and 100% of 1000 www.3DTVVancouver.com net orgs gagged by the rebrodcasters as they stiffel www.3DTVCopyRight.com startups and 3dtvadchannels.com for 19 y=years they will not report the blocking of www.3DTVOttawa.com on the 2d crtc pipelines and now they re preventin www.3DTVPipline.com net org from integrating with issues about closed 2d tv cartels gagging 3DTVOttawa,con and 3DTVSports.com for Canada150 and the last 4 Canadian federal elections as they spcial net on a 4 pillar politics-search-news-chat platform that blocks www.3DTVPipeleine.com startups and this is affecting Cnadians nationaly and hidereing their www.3DDroneTV.com and Holodigital.com and 3DWirekecsstv.conet startups and the sale pof ads in 3D on 3D tv channels that can not get a pipeline to politicians travl news spoets arts fashion and realestate 2d tv monoplies for 19
D.Collins Govenor of www.3DCounty.com we are trying top do everytimg in our power to build a www.3DTelevisionNetwork.ca aand connect www.3DTVOttawa/cp, with www.3DTVVamcouver/com and recoop some of our invested equity in www.3DVirtualTV.com and 3DRealitytv.com www.3DTVStartups.com and www.3DTVPOlitics.com for www.3DBUsinessTV.com www.3DTVApps.com and www.3DTYVCHannels.com stiffeled 19 years by 100% of the 3d uhf vhf crtc newses and public broadcasting networks that prevent new www.3DTVPipelines.com from startuing up in Canada 3DTVPress.com and www.3DNewsCHannel.com startuos for www.3DTVSports.com and 1000 other new3dtvchannels comming down thep-ipelines ofthe internet for 199 years from integrating with 1 single 2d crtc liocenced public service media. this busines pof vr is gping to be built and 19 years is a long time for www.3DTVCANADA.com startups to be 100% stiffeled by 100% of the 2d social nets.
www.3DPresident.com of www.ComNetOrgTV.com a www.netnutraltv.com Tm 3:00 PM 2018-03-19

www.3DOilTV.com www.3DTVVancouver.com www.3DTVCalgary.com www.3DTVNewsNetwork.com www.3DTVCanada.com
Hews from the 2D tv social network channels reports that the Pipeline for oil from Calgary to BC is held up , but they skew the news so as it meets th3eir advertising and political election tv show debate agendas so now the report is thatAlberta will not spend 1 dime to set up an oil spill emergency clean up sysytem here so theyh still whant topump 7 times more oil and build the pipes to fill 7 times more ships but they will not spend a dime setting up and demonstrating how they plan to clean up an oil spill dissaster.
Albertas primier is so set on finishing the pipeline wihtput proving theyt can clean upan oil spill that they went and got thier mother politician the prime minister to make BC ship oil without anyprtoof they are even going to demonste how they wpudl clean up a spill plus they are no willing to buy the pipeleine and this was never mentioned that the pipe was fpor sale because BC whantys a pipe leine tpo ship htdro electricity and solar or thermal power to Calfary and the rest of cananda and we could even offer 1 dollar more than alberta and we could buy it, BC could buy the pipe line and then they could make an oil spill ocean clean up nd we could themn ship oil safelt and this would be an asset to Canadians all over the country instead of a 2d tv make news social net chat-search-news-politics feed for 2d tv medias that will not report that they are protesting the building of the www.3DTVPipleines.com here from BC to Ottawa and the east coast that the 2d tv are holding up and ae not for sale yet but can't be used because the 2d tv are stiffeleing www.3DTVNewsCHannel.com and www.3DTVJobs.com for all canadians for 19 years.
www.3DWaterTV.com www.3DWindTV.com www.3DTVCanada.com Tm

Wow,would you say that in 3D on 3DNewsCHannel.com in www.3DTVToronto.com web news on www.3DTeleviasionNetwork.ca over thewww.3DTVPipline.com thatis gag3d by Albertas cabe gient;s newses. for19years as they supporty everthing under the sun but www.3DTVSports.com here in VC they do not even support www.3DOilTV.comorwww.3DTVCalgary.com for every 1000 3dtvshows ther are 10 3dtvjobs.com net org and so why is it that ther is no constitutional y equal treatment in 2D on 18 year old startups that the politiciond will not supoort. an even the finance minster champions oil pipelines for big busiens and www.3DWorldWideWEbTV.com export of news sports travel arts realestate and hobs jobs and ,ore job than the last 19 yearsin 3dtelevisionnetwork.com news and politics has to be for everyne niot just oil pipelines so what about small www.3DbusinessTV.com pipelines to streaming virtual reality 3D new media startups gagged by Alberta 2d tv pipeluines ( if they do not know they this is not going on for 18 yerars then they are uncompetant) the back bone of busienss and the econemy is small busiens and 3d tv stiffels 3dtvpipelines.com to business, and the economy because if they can gag 3DTVBrands.com for 19 years they can rig elections too, and tweek the stock markets the same way they gag 100% of 3000 3dtvapps.com for 19 years , easy peasy, and thats afecting jobs and fedding the 2d left and right fights, and for the finance minister to go all our for aan oil pipeline is excutubg because if he aopliued that energy to 3dtvcnda.com innovations we would be teslad ibti new jobs , imediatly without billions in court and government coats, and the only block to investmnet in Canadian3dtelevision is 2d tv blocking it. to make jobs would he support www.3dtvjobs.com jobs or just 2d social net tv jobs in thesame kight and intence efforts make for off shjor accounts and pipelines in 3d does all the promises the federal government made to see to it anoil pipeline is built apply to a www.3DTVNetwork.com blocked by 100% of the crtc 2d tv newses and press for 19 years or ddoes the governmenbt only work for oil pipelens. www.3DTVPipelines.com
www.3DPresident.com of www.ComNetOrgTV.com a www.netnutraltv.com Tm 3:00 PM 2018-03-19 www.3DWaterTV.com www.3DWindTV.com www.3DTVCanada.com Tm

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